Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Dog Park Is Delightful!

This morning my Mom took me to the Dog Park - I LOVE THE DOG PARK!  I get to run around with my friend, Toby, and I get to play with Dillon's ball.  I was making his ball bounce around in the dirt, and my nose got covered in dirt.  That's OK with me because I LOVE DIRT, TOO.  Nothing's better than the feel and smell of dirt any day of the week.

During the week, one of my Mom's magazines fell on my bed.  Well, I was not going to put up with that!  So I just kept "talking" to her all night, and she tried to ignore me, but FINALLY, she got the message and got up.  I pointed to my bed with my snout, and she FINALLY removed the magazine.  That was EXCELLENT news to me so I just circled around on my bed and fell asleep.  Of course, my Mom was not exactly happy with me so we went for a VERY EARLY MORNING walk.

See my bed on the floor?  My Dad picked it out, but I refused to sleep on it until this  cozy blanket was put on it.

Like I always say, stick up for yourself.  If you don't let someone know what's bothering you, NOTHING will happen, and this is not a good idea.  I can bet that my bed will have nothing on it from now on.  Speaking of beds, make sure to keep your bed clean, too - it's much more comfortable, and it looks better -- even better if you make it.  I can't make my bed myself so my Mom does it for me.  Wow, I sure do appreciate my Mom - make sure to appreciate your Mom today - then you can thank me for my EXCELLENT advice.

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