Saturday, November 30, 2013

Winner, Winner - I got a TURKEY DINNER!

The other day was AMAZINGLY EXCITING!  First, my grandfather came over with the Munchkins which you already know how much I LOVE those.  Then my aunt (the one who hates ALL dogs) came over with her family and my new cousin, Lulu, who's a PUPPY, by the way.  Any way, there was SO MUCH FOOD, and I got to lick A LOT OF plates clean.

Here's an example:

See that - dreams really do come true!  I was wishing for a chicken dinner, but I got a turkey dinner instead.  You won't hear any complaints about that from this dog.

Like I always say, be thankful for any plate-licking opportunities.  I even shared one of the plates with my cousin, Lulu, who's really a dog (even if my aunt call her a "good girl).  I'll take whatever I can get, even if it's leftovers or crumbs.  Something's always better than nothing, especially when it comes to food.  I LOVE TO EAT MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Birthday and Happy Pointing!

Today I want to wish happy birthday to my grandfather who turned 81 years old last week on November 21st.  Here he is standing next to a person with a bird on his shoulder:
I really LOVE my grandfather because he LOVES to give me treats like Munchkins.  Anyone who gives me treats is one of my favorite people.
This is another first for my blog.  I'm getting to wish Happy Birthday to another dog.  Last week was Poppy, the dog's birthday, too.  Her birthday was on November 20th, and she turned 8.
Unlike me, I wonder if Poppy got a birthday cake.  I'll have to find out.
Over the weekend, I went for a walk in the forest with my Mom AND my Dad.  When I'm in the forest, I like to keep my Mom up to date with any animal sightings.  This is what I do if I think there might be an animal nearby:

This is called pointing.   Pointing involves lifting one of my front paws and looking toward where an animal could be.  Notice how I point with my whole body.  Dogs point to alert their owner that an animal is in the area.  After all, it is my very important job to protect my Mom and Dad from any danger.  I am exceptional at pointing because I can SEE, HEAR AND SMELL better than any person.  My Mom should be thanking me for doing such an awesome job keeping her safe because I take my job very seriously.

Here's another important point.  This is one of the very few times my Mom actually listens to me.  She stops and looks because she wants to see the animal.

Like I always say, celebrate any and all birthdays of anyone you know.  Most importantly, pay attention to your dog's body language.  If I didn't do this, my Mom would never know about the possibility of seeing a forest animal.  She actually gets excited to see animals in the forest - JUST LIKE ME!  Be on the lookout today for something exciting to see today. 


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Winner, winner! Chicken dinner!

I LOVE going on adventures because I never know where I'll end up or what I might see.  Here's an example from the fall:

I saw a chicken - how cool and amazing is that!  Can you tell how amazed, fascinated and interested I am?  This is the first and only time I've ever seen a chicken, and I just can't believe how lucky I am to get so up close with one.

Like I always say, every day is a new day.  Enjoy what you're doing and seeing because there's always something new and exciting to learn.  If you're feeling bored, make believe you're excited and interested, and maybe your thoughts will be real.  Try it out, and you'll be a winner like me.

p.s. I didn't really get a chicken dinner, but maybe next time I will.  In the meantime, I'll just dream about having my very own chicken dinner.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why don't some people get the message?

I really don't understand why my Mom doesn't listen to me.  She knows quite well that I do not want to get my picture taken.  Unfortunately, she never gives up - as you can tell in this picture from the weekend:

I'm out front trying to enjoy myself, and here she is with the camera - AGAIN!  I think you can easily tell that I ABSOLUTELY DON'T WANT MY PICTURE TAKEN!

Like I always say, sometimes you just have to look the other way and forgive the person who is annoying you.  I mean, what else can I say or do?  She's never going to listen to me any way.  It's a good thing I love her so much.  More importantly, it's more important that I can FORGIVE her for her flaws.  You should try forgiving people, too.  It's much easier than being angry. 

p.s. I feel much better now.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Where in the world has Gabi, the dog, been?

I have been so busy lately that I haven't been able to write in my blog.  I have missed all my friends who have been waiting for me to write.  Well, I'm back, and I must say that it's about time, too.

Here's a picture of me taken today by my Dad:

I must admit - I can sit so tall and straight.  Actually, you should sit tall and straight like me.  It's much better for your back. 

Any way, let's get back to my exciting life.

My Mom has this thing that wakes her up every morning.  It actually wakes me up, too, because I have excellent hearing, and the noise is so loud.  After she gets up, we go for a walk - IN THE DARK - which I don't mind at all since I have excellent night vision.  Well, we were walking down this street, and I could see this person, a dog, and this moving light.  I was getting scared and nervous because the person seemed nervous.  The person and the dog were trying to hide in a yard.  When we got close to them, my Mom said:  "Hi, Edie.  It's just me and Gabi."  So far, so good.

Then this person told my Mom, "I thought it was a coyote."

She thought that I was a coyote.  Is that a compliment or an insult?  Here's a picture of a coyote to help you decide:

Like I always say, be careful when you're outside walking in the dark.  Look where you're going and make sure the street is well lit so you can see who's coming.  Make sure to bring along your dog so the dog can protect you.  I would never let anyone hurt my Mom.  Also, be careful what you say, especially if you think it might hurt someone's feelings.  Be glad that no one will ever think that you're a coyote.  I'm just a proud dog who loves my family and the people who read my blog.  I'll be back soon with more news to make up for last week.  See you soon!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! Why did I need another bath?

I really don't understand why I need to get a bath because it happened again today.  I got shipped over to Janet the Groomer's with my friend, Paula.  I mean they are really nice to me and give me a lot of attention, BUT I don't need to be clean.  To make matters worse, Janet the Groomer, always has to make me look like a girl dog:

Did I REALLY need blue bows?  Did I REALLY need to get my picture taken AGAIN?  Most importantly, did I REALLY need a bath?  If you look at the above picture, I'm sure you can tell exactly how I feel about the whole situation.

Like I always say, some times you just have to put up with aggravating situations.  I was not happy about the bath and the bows, but I didn't say anything.  I didn't complain - I just put on my "I'm not exactly happy" face.  I'm sure I'll be getting another bath and more bows before I know it.  I just have to accept that I have to be clean every once in a while.  It's actually a small price to pay because it makes my Mom happy.  Hopefully, I'll be able to roll around in some dirt tomorrow.  Then I can smell like a dog again.

p.s. I got rid of the bows as soon as I could.