Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Holidays From Your FavoriteBlogging Dog!

Hello!  Since it's holiday time, I want to show you the best gift I ever got in my whole life - my family!

This is a picture of me on the first day in my new house with my new family. Those girls are my cousins, Jane and Lauren.

How lucky am I?  I am the luckiest dog in the whole world!  I've lived with my family for almost six years now, and I love having a forever family - it's so much better than living in a crate at the animal hospital.

Here's an old picture of me at the holidays.  Sometimes my Mom puts this jingle bell collar around my neck (it's so annoying, but at least it makes her happy).

Happy Holidays!  Make sure to tell your family how lucky you are to have them!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My brother, Andrew, should share his food!

My brother, Andrew, went away.  He told someone that he missed me THE MOST of anyone in the family when he was away.  Well, you wouldn't know he missed me from looking at these pictures:

Look at how nicely I'm asking him to share just a tidbit of that ENORMOUS pile of food.  Then notice how ANGRY he looks:

Look at this HUGE PILE OF FOOD!  How can he eat all of that himself?  What about me?  I WANT TO HELP HIM OUT BY EATING SOME OF THAT FOOD!  After all, he could get sick from eating TOO  MUCH FOOD  at one time.

Like I always say, try to share your delicious food with your dog.  Your dog will love you even more.  Plus, you'll eat less, and nothing is wrong with that.  YUM - I LOVE TO EAT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My brother is finally back!

It's about time that my brother, Andrew, got home, especially after I had to wear that shirt:

On top of having to wear that shirt, I had to watch TV which is a TOTAL waste of my time.  I'd much rather watch what's happening in my yard.

Luckily, my brother, Andrew, is FINALLY home:

Look at how happy we are to see each other.  See a dog really is man's best friend!

Like I always say, if you want a real best friend, get a dog.  No one will love you more.