Monday, May 25, 2015

New Friends!

Wow, I am the luckiest dog ever!  One of my Mom's students is going to be a guest blogger today.  That means I get to stay on my couch!

     Hi, my name is Matthew.  My teacher writes a blog about her dog, and she said we can write an entry for the blog, too.  so I'm writing about my dogs, Abbey and Maddy.  Abbey is 10 months old, and she is a yellow lab.  She is 80 pounds and one foot and 4 inches tall.  Gabi is a black lab, and Abbey is a golden Labrador retriever.  Abbey, Gabi and my old dog, Maddy, have a lot in common.  They all dig in their backyard.  They like to roll in dirt.  They are all lab mixes and more.  There are a couple of differences.  Abbey is not a year old yet.  Maddy and Gabi are grown-up dogs.  Gabi is black while Abbey and Maddy are yellow.  That is all about my dogs, and who knows, maybe I'll write another blog entry in the future!

That Abbey the Puppy sure is a cute dog!

Like I always say, it's great to make new friends!  I've always wanted a cat guest blogger - anybody interested?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dirt is the BEST!

Have you ever had to wear a fur coat when it's hot out?  Believe me, it makes you even HOTTER!  When it gets hot, I dig a nice hole on my front lawn.  Then I roll around in the dirt, and that cools me off.  My Mom thought I looked like my fur was turning brown, but guess what?  It was DIRT!  Then I needed to get cleaned off, and my brother, Andrew, decided to clean me like this:

Don't worry - my brother wasn't hurting me, he was gently sweeping all the dirt off my fur.  I LOVED IT!  If you've never been swept before, you should try it out - it's very relaxing - it's like getting a massage.

 Like I always say, if you're going to get dirty, you're going to need to get cleaned off.  Don't worry - I make the place dirty enough on a regular day.  I'm always tracking in dirt.  Plus, my fur sheds all over the house!  All the dirt that doesn't come off, has to go somewhere!