Sunday, May 22, 2016

Introducing A Guest Blogger: Gronk the Cat!

I have been quite busy - or rather, my Mom has been quite busy.  The good news is that she's managed to recruit a guest blogger, and he's a cat.  Here he is - Gronk the Cat:

Hi!  I"m Gronk the Cat.  I'm a teacup cat.  The first dog I met was my cousin, Cinnamon the Dog.  I scratched her in the nose by accident.

Once I got out and took a little nap under my Mom's car.

At my first haircut, I was pretty nervous.  When I got there, this guy cut my furballs out so I hissed at him.  Then my Mom and my brother, Devin, took me home.

I sleep under my brother's blanket.  It is comfortable.

I even caught a mouse.  My Mom screamed, and everyone ran down the stairs.  My family asked my Mom what was wrong,  She said, "There's a mouse."  I started  to sniff the mouse and started to play with it.  Then my Dad got some cups and scraped it up.  He put the mouse outside.  I sure was a hero that day!

Wow!  Gronk the Cat sure is exciting.  I've never caught a mouse, but I would like to!  

Special thanks to my Mom's student, Devin, for helping Gronk the Cat to guest blog.  I'm impressed!

Like I always say, cats are alright in my book - as long as they don't hurt me!  Thanks Gronk the Cat!  You can guest blog any time!