Monday, February 8, 2016

Here we go again!

It's been pretty exciting around here!  The snow is back, and I just LOVE rolling around in the snow.  The other day, my Mom was complaining about how I smelled like poop.  HA!  She should know that I LOVE to roll around in poop.  I just LOVE the way I smell afterwards.  Well, my Mom got super lucky because my friend, Trooper the Doberman, stopped by.  He had to wear this fancy coat with a belt - poor guy!  Any way, I was just showing off like crazy.  I dove into the snow and rolled around.  Then I'd pop up and dive into a new spot.  It was kind of like having a bath in the snow.  While I was showing Trooper how much fun it is to dive in the snow, he watched me.  I bet he was wishing he could get rid of that coat.

You know how I feel about dogs wearing clothes.  REAL DOGS DON'T WEAR CLOTHES!

Of course, that doesn't stop my Mom from stuffing me into that Patriots shirt OR Janet the Groomer from putting bows on my ears.

Here I am having a GREAT time in the snow:

Like I always say, spend time outside and check out what's happening.  You don't want to miss out on any excitement.  I'm always happy to hear, "Want to go OUT?"  I sure LOVE the snow!