Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Visit from my Dad's Friend, Dale

This week I have been a very HOT dog again!  It's a good thing for that machine that blows out the cool air and lots of water - wearing a fur coat makes a dog feel the heat even more.

On a more exciting note, my Dad's friend from college came to visit.  His name is Dale, and he came all the way from Canada - I don't know where that is, but it must be FAR away.  Any way, Dale has 2 dogs in his family, but they're little dogs - he says that he gives them treats.  WHAT ABOUT ME?  I WOULD HAVE LIKED SOME TREATS FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY!  Oh well, I still did my circle dance - that's when I'm super happy, and I run really fast in a big circle, and I make a growl sound.  I only do this on special occasions so Dale - even though he forgot my treat - should feel very honored and special.

Here's a picture of Dale and me in front of my house.

Like I always say, be happy when you meet someone new.  It's important to make the person feel welcomed and important.  When anyone in my family comes home, I make a HUGE fuss over them EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I want to make sure that they know how HAPPY I am to see them.  Try it today - be HAPPY to see your family and friends - make sure they can tell that you're REALLY HAPPY to see them.  Then they'll be even HAPPIER to see you.  It's another WIN-WIN situation.
Remember:  I'm always VERY HAPPY when you read my blog - so make sure to visit my blog any time you want.

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  1. Thanks for bringing a tear of love and joy to us all.

    Yup, that's his doggy... :-)
    Dads dogs