Sunday, July 28, 2013

Look out - you might see me at YOUR door some day!

Here's a question for you:  if you saw me at your door, would your be scared?  That's what I thought, and that's why I don't understand why the bunnies don't run away when they see me at the back sliding door because, let's face it - I'm BIG and SCARY looking.

In real life though, I'm AFRAID of MEN and MOST CATS, but I'm always HAPPY to see my friends and family and you - I love when you visit my blog!

Any way, I have told you how I LOVE to be out on my front lawn as much as possible.  Well, some times, I want to come back in the house.  There are 2 ways I accomplish this:

1.  I bark.  Any time I bark outside, my Mom comes running - she thinks I'm making too much noise; when in reality, I'm just warning her of a possible concern like the ice cream truck, the mailman, the UPS truck, a person I don't know who is walking by....  Some times, I'm just telling her I want to come in the house.

2.  I stand up and look in the door.  I choose this method when I can hear someone in the house.  Dogs have excellent hearing, by the way, so I can hear my family's footsteps or voices.

Like I always say, ask for what you want in a calm and appropriate way.  If I could talk, I would say "please."  The worst thing that can happen is the person will say, "NO."  That's not so bad because you tried to ask.  Also, make sure to say "thank you" if the person says yes.  I can't say "thank you," but I wag my tail, and some times, I give the person a BIG slobbery kiss - especially if they give me what I want, like a TREAT!

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