Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Left Behind But Not Alone ~ that's good!

Well, my parents have left me at home while they go off on vacation.  Lucky for me, I have brothers who are willing to step in and pick up the pace.  Casey the Dog's brother, Stephen, comes to take care of me, too! It's a rough life being left home.  No one gives me treats like my Dad ~ how do you think I gained 12 pounds ~ it's not my fault if my Dad LOVES to give me treats!  Now I'm not getting any treats!

Here's the deal though ~ my parents could have taken me along to Florida with them!  That's right ~ Florida has beaches where dogs can go and vacation homes where we can stay, too!


Just click on that picture up there so you can see all that I'm missing!  Don't leave home without your dog!  We want to go wherever our family goes ~ even the beach!

If my parents do take me to the beach, I will not wear sunglasses or go on a surfboard like that dog up there.  No thank you!

Of course, I learned the hard way that the water at the beach tastes AWFUL!

You can read more about that experience here,

Like I always say, dogs can come on vacation with you!  You just have to go to the right places.  Now I just have to convince my parents to take me next time!  At least, you're visiting me by reading my blog!  I do LOVE having visitors!

Monday, February 20, 2017

National Love Your (Favorite Blogging) Pet Day!

Well, it's about time that I got some love and appreciation around here ~ after all it's National Love Your Pet Day!  Check out what's new and exciting in my life these days:

The bunnies are coming back!  For some reason, the bunnies have disappeared, but now they're coming back, and as always, I'm on the case!  I make sure to let my whole family know when they are right outside the door by barking A LOT no matter what time of day it is:

The bunnies must LOVE my barking because they don't move which makes me bark and jump even more.  That's ok with me because I LOVE bunnies!

Also, I have my visitors well-trained.  Every time they stop by to visit, they give me treats:

This is Trooper the Doberman and his Mom.  Poor Trooper ~ he has to wear a coat.  His Mom says he has at least 10 coats!  Poor guy!  Well, at least his Mom carries around treats, and I lift up my paw which works every time!  I definitely know how to get a treat!

Like I always say, be on the lookout for exciting events!  Look at your windows or hang out in your yard!  There's always something happening which gives me plenty to love about my life ~ especially on National Love Your Pet Day!  Make sure to love your pet today and every day ~ we can never have enough love!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Dog Park Days ~ at the New Dog Park!

I haven't been to the dog park in forever.  Just in case you forgot, I used to roll around in poop and eat poop at the old dog park.  That's when my Mom decided that I was too disgusting and refused to bring me to the dog park ~ which was too bad because I really do LOVE poop...

Fast forward to last weekend...I got to go to a new dog park.  There was only one problem ~ my Mom stuffed me into that shirt:

No wonder those other dogs were more interested in sniffing the ground that playing with me ~ who wants to hang out with a dog who wears clothes?  How embarrassing!

Like I always say ~ and I've said this before ~ your Mom knows just how to embarrass you.  She just can't seem to help herself.  Of course, she only does these things because she loves you so much and wants to keep you safe.  I just wish my Mom would stop making me wear clothes!  She doesn't really listen to me, but I'll keep trying.  I just hope that I can wear just my fur coat from now on!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

It's A Miracle ~ Another Guest Blogger ~ Knox, the Dog!

My Mom must have the BEST students this year because their dogs want to be Guest Bloggers!  How amazing and exciting is this!  I am so HAPPY to introduce you to:

Knox, the Dog!

Hi!  I'm Knox, and I'm so excited to tell you about my life.  I live in Africa with my Mom, Cindy, and my Dad, Rob.  I have two kids who love me ~ Sierra and Avery ~ my cousins!  I'm coming back in May or June.  Oh, it's time for me to eat my lunch.  Thank you for letting me be on your blog, Gabi the Dog!

You know, I think Knox the Dog and I would be such great friends.  Maybe when he comes to visit, I can meet him, and we can take the very first Dog Selfie ~ that would be amazing!

Like I always say, you never know when you're going to make a new friend.  Knox the Dog and I might even be related ~ how cool it that!  WOW! 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Introducing an Exciting Guest Blogger ~ Dunkin the Dog!

Well, it's about time!  My Mom has been totally lazy when it comes to my blog, but amazingly, she managed to find a Guest Blogger ~ Introducing Dunkin the Dog!

Hi!  I'm Dunkin.  My life has not been going that well lately.  My sister, Molly the Puppy, has been yapping away so I can't have my daily nap.  That means I am extra grumpy!  Even when it's bedtime, I can her her whimpering.  Anyway, my house is big - it has 3 bathrooms which means 3 place to drink toilet water.  

Here are the people in my family.  I have A LOT of brothers - Owen, Cole, Jack, and Kyle; my Mom and Dad; and Molly the Puppy.  I've been with my family for 2 years, and I love them very much.  I'm one of the only dogs on my street so it's pretty lonely.  My favorite thing is when I get real food - not those brown pellets that me me want to spit them out.  When I get ice cream and get one all to myself, I LOVE IT!

Thanks Gabi the Dog for letting me on your blog.  

Dunkin the Dog ~ out!

I can't believe that Dunkin the Dog gets HIS VERY OWN ICE CREAM CONE!  I'm going to show this picture to my Dad so he can get me one of these!

Like I always say, having friends who want to write on my blog is the BEST.  If you want to be a guest dog, please let my Mom know.  I LOVE reading about how other dogs live ~ especially when they get their own ice cream cone!  WOW!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sparty the Puppy came back!

Well, my cousin, Sparty the Puppy, came to live with me again.  He's still a puppy, but he's a really BIG puppy:

The best part about Sparty is that he loves to relax as much as me - which is A LOT - by the way.  Of course, I have the spot closest to the table - just in case any food falls on the floor.  It is my house  so I should get most of the treats.  When it comes to food, I must admit it - I don't share.

When it comes to laying down on one of my couches, I'm much better about sharing:

That Sparty - he sure loves the couch and getting attention.  It's a good thing that I'm not jealous!  Also, check out Sparty's paws - they're really BIG!

Like I always say, little pups are going to grow up, and sometimes, they'll be even bigger than you so set a good example so you'll always get along.  It's so much easier to be friends and share (as long as it's not food!). 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Things can always be worse!

As  you know, I've adjusted to wearing bows in my ears:

Can you see those bows?  Janet the Groomer tries to put them way back on my ears so I can't get them off.  Guess what?  I ALWAYS get them off as fast as possible!

Then, of course, I'm always getting stuffed into that shirt:

As you can tell, I've given up.  My Mom is never going to listen to me when it comes to wearing that shirt.  Let's face it - REAL DOGS DON'T WEAR CLOTHES!

Wait, it gets worse!  Check out this get-up:

To make matters even worse, I had to wear these clothes more than once:

As you can see, I just laid down and closed my eyes.  I was hoping that wearing this awful costume was a bad dream - well, it was for me any way!  My family enjoyed laughing at me and taking my picture.  All I was thinking is "ENOUGH ALREADY!"

Like I always say, just when you think things can't get any worse, they do.  There's nothing you can do about it either.  Everything prepares you for the next awful thing.  Luckily for me, I survived wearing that awful costume.  I'm back to wearing just my fur coat now, AND THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT!