Sunday, March 27, 2016

My First Trip to the Emergency Room!

Last night I was having the BEST time in my backyard.  I got to be off my leash - thanks to my Dad who trusts me and basically let me do whatever I want.  I got to sniff around; eat some rabbit poop; walk wherever I wanted...It was AWESOME!  I even found this bone!  My Dad thought he was going to take it away - NO WAY!  I wouldn't let that happen.  I even managed to get the bone into the house.

Then this awful thing happened:

OUCH, OUCH!  The bone got stuck on my jaw.  My Mom and Dad tried to take it off, but it wouldn't move.

My Mom, Dad, and sister, Bethany, all piled in the car with me and off we went.  I must admit I was getting scared with this bone stuck on my jaw.  Then we arrived at the Emergency Room which is serious business.  The doctor came out; looked at me; and took me right to the back.  The doctor made me go to sleep so he could cut the bone off my jaw.  WHAT A RELIEF!  IT WORKED!

Here's a picture of me with the nice doctor who saved my life:

Like I always say, listen to your Mom and Dad.  If I had listened to my Dad, this bone never would have gotten stuck on my jaw.  I was too stubborn.  I never knew that treats could be dangerous.  I just learned an important lesson from this experience.  Be very careful about what you put in your mouth every day.  It's definitely not fun to go to the emergency room!