Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's a special day today!

Hello!  It's National Dog Day so it's time to celebrate how great us dogs are:

This might be an old picture, but I can still open my mouth that wide which is a good thing - just in case I get something BIG to eat - which I should today since it's National Dog Day.  All my Dad gave me was a whole banana - gone in seconds - thanks to my BIG mouth. 

Like I always say, every day is worth celebrating, especially if you're a dog or you have a dog in your family.  Make sure to tell your dog how much you love him/her - just like your dog lets you know how much he/she loves you.  I sure love when you visit my blog - especially on National Dog Day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Fun With Russell, the Puppy!

Russell, the Puppy, is my new best friend!  He loves to come play at my house.  We even have a routine.  First, we wrestle:

We love to roll around in the grass.  We even snack on this grass when we need a break:

All that playing makes us thirsty so we get some water.  Russell, the Puppy, drinks A LOT of water.  He's a very thirsty dog.  I always wait until he's done drinking to get my drink.  One time, Russell, the Puppy, tried to drink water from the bowl at the same time as me.  This is not acceptable or respectful so I had to correct Russell, the Puppy.  I chased him away from the water bowl and barked at him.  He needs to learn to wait for his turn.

Finally, we take a rest together:

Like I always say, wait to take turns when you need a drink of water.  Make sure to be respectful to your friends.  If your friend tells you that you made a mistake, think about what happened and see if you can learn from your mistake.  I don't think that Russell, the Puppy, will cut in line to get water again.  You wouldn't try to drink water at the same time as your friend.  That's because you're smart and respectful - just like me!  Keep up the good work by reading my blog because that makes me happy.  See you soon!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Check out this bench!

My Mom and Dad took me for an adventure in the car to visit my sister, Bethany.  Bethany lives in Boston.  I was so excited about this adventure because I got to go in the car and feel the wind in my face.  Then I got to go on a walk in a new place with lots of new smells and dogs.  Everything was very fun and exciting until... 

Here's an example of how a perfectly fun time can change in a flash.

We came to a bench that was different than any other bench I've ever seen.  After talking it over, everyone seemed to think it was a dog bench.  Then my family decided that I needed to sit on it.  Check me out on the dog bench:

Let me make this clear:  this is not a dog bench.  Why would my family think this?  If you ask me, this is a weird bench.  I only went on it because my family made me.  You can't even sit on this bench.  If I could have, I would have run in the other direction and sat on a regular bench.  See the bench in the back of the picture?  Now, that's a people and a dog bench.  Of course, I would much rather sit on my couch than a bench.  At least, my couch has cushions on it so it's comfortable.

Like I always say, some things just don't make any sense - see the bench I'm standing on.  Just because it doesn't make sense, doesn't make it a dog bench.  What does a dog bench look like any way? 

p.s. I got off that dog bench as soon as possible.  Also, if you can explain what this bench really is, please let my Mom know so she doesn't make me sit on it again.

Thanks for your help!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Meet my neighbor, Emerson, the Cat!

I'm so lucky to have such wonderful neighbors on my street.  One of my neighbors is a cat.  His name is Emerson, and he loves when I walk by his house.  Some times he'll come and roll on his back on the sidewalk - right in front of me.  Most of the times, I'll walk over to say hello to him, but I always keep my distance:

As you know, my family got me when I was older, but they've figured out one of my secrets:  I'm afraid of cats.  I admit it:  I think cats can hurt me, and I don't want to get hurt.  I'm getting braver around Emerson, the Cat, but that's because he's always nice to me - even then, I still approach slowly without making eye contact.

Like I always say, play your cards safe, especially around cats or dogs you don't know.  You don't want to get hurt - that's a smart decision to take care of yourself.  People always ask my Mom if they can pet me.  She never actually asks me; she just says "yes."  That's because she knows that I'm a well-behaved and gentle dog when I'm on my leash.  If you want to say hello to me, I would be so happy, especially since you read my blog.  Just remember my excellent advice:  be careful and stay safe, around unknown animals or people.  Ask an adult first to make sure it's o.k.

Friday, August 1, 2014

My cousin, Lulu, the Puppy, came to my house!

This week I had a very exciting visitor, Lulu, the Puppy, who is my cousin.  Lulu is always happy to see me, and I'm always happy to see her.  We both LOVE to sit on my front lawn:

What I especially like about Lulu, the Puppy, is that she gives me my space.  Other dogs have to jump all over me, and I don't mind that once in a while.  I usually like to have some personal space.

Like I always say, you don't have to be in someone's face to spend time with them.  You can have a fine time just being around each other and hanging around.  Just make sure that you're on the same page as your friend. 

p.s. Can you even see Lulu, the Puppy, in this picture?  She kind of blends in - unlike me - I'm big so I'm easy to find.