Sunday, June 2, 2013

Introducing my neighbor across the street - Midnight the Cat!

I love to be outside.  I love to lay in the front of my house so I can keep track of the happenings in my neighborhood - I am the neighborhood watchdog, after all.  Well, Midnight the cat, lives right across the street from me.  Her family lets her go outside because she likes to patrol the perimeter of the house, and now, she has discovered chipmunks living under her bushes.  Now she is outside ALL THE TIME, AND IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!  She likes to sit in the bushes and clean herself, and all the while, I am in my yard at the end of my leash trying to go visit her; but my leash is only so long so I'm stuck on my side of the street.  Here's a picture of Midnight:

She's as beautiful as me:  we're the same color after all.  I think she loves to look at me as much as I love to look at her:

Here's me with my friend, Casey, looking over at Midnight.  My dad needs to get with the program - why weed when you can look at a cat?  Looking at Midnight is so much more interesting and exciting than weeding. 
Like I always say:  love your neighbors, even if they're different than you are.  Live in the moment - if there is something exciting to see, make sure to see it and enjoy the experience.  I LOVE WATCHING EVERYONE WHO COMES BY MY HOUSE!  You never know - some of these walking-by people give me treats now.  It pays to be interested in others - you can make friends and get something delicious to eat, if you're really lucky - like me.  See how grateful I am - I LOVE BEING A DOG WITH A CAT LIVING RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!  It keeps life interesting and exciting.

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