Monday, May 27, 2013

Guest Blogger Casey Checking In

Hello, my name is Casey, P.h.d. I am a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and I have the pleasure of taking residence down the street from Gabi the Dog. Some describe me as a bundle of fun and joy. I take great pride in this fact; however, I also have a very serious side. I have a Sunday column in the Boston Globe and have won countless Pulitzer Prizes for my unique journalistic style. I tend to write about lifestyle choices of dogs and their consequences. Helping dogs is a passion of mine and I hope that through my writing I can inspire Pug Pups to flower into Great Danes.  One critic put it best: "Casey speaks for all dogs, not just himself."

For my first Blog I want to take the time to have a conversation about how chew toys can adversely affect quality of time spent with our Human Friends. See, for a long time the status quo has been to receive a new toy and then proceed to ignore the very creature who bestowed this fantastic gift upon us, our Human counterpart. These chew toys offer some quick relief from an otherwise stressful day. Sure its fun to growl at a piece of rope, or gnaw a bone to the marrow, or whip a squeak toy around our heads in a in a fit of madness; but, these feelings are only temporary and they serve to take our mind away from other, more important parts of our life such as family. I have some advice for all of you who feel that you can't have your bone and eat it too. Next time your Owner hands you a new chew toy, sit with him or her and enjoy it. Maybe, offer some of your bone to your Owner. Ask if he or she would like to play tug of war with the rope! There are endless ways to make alone time into family time.

Well, that's it for me today. I hope that I have helped you all with another one of life's quandaries. I'll be back next time!

Casey signing off!

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