Saturday, June 29, 2013

What's On My Mind Currently

Currently - For Dogs Only!

Listening                                   Who Let The Dogs Out?
                                                                     (and why am I still stuck on my leash?)

Loving                                        The Omaha steak my friend, Ken,
                                                   gave me this morning. YUM!

Thinking                                     I love the great 
                                                   outdoors - my front 
                                                   yard, that is.

Wanting                                     Another Omaha steak -
                                                   of course!

Needing                                     More treats

Favorite Things                         Food, bunnies, my family

Like I always say, if it's food, it's worth waiting for.  Patience is a virtue.  If you do have to wait, try to make the most of it - check out your surroundings - there might be something interesting to look at.  Plus, who wants to listen to someone complaining?
Check out this bear - he's patiently waiting for his next meal; and so am I! 


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