Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Mom's Favorite Picture of Her Favorite Dog - Me!

As you can tell from this picture, I am an expert at relaxing on the couch.  Look at how big my paws are!  Wow, I guess I am a BIG dog!  Nothing is wrong with that - I'm still a very beautiful and loyal dog.  My Mom loves this picture because I look so cute in it.  I can't argue with that opinion.

Like I always say, make sure to take some time to RELAX every day on the couch or wherever you can.  It's very important to sit/lay down and rest your brain - similar to meditation and yoga.   It is a peaceful experience that allows me to recharge my batteries for the next time the bunny appears.  This way I'm always ready for the next adventure or challenge that comes my way.  Namaste - that means make sure to find peace in your life and in your heart.  You'll be a much happier person - almost as happy as I am - if you  follow my advice, that is.

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