Sunday, June 9, 2013

Try to share; it's only fair!

I love to go to the dog park because I can hang out with my dog buddies as well as walk around and check things out.  A lot of dogs like to play fetch with a ball.  I must admit that this is not one of my favorite activities, but I'll chase the ball once in a while.  Today, my friend, Dillon the dog, was playing with his orange ball.  His mother has nicknamed him "Dill Pickle" - that's a fun name.  My mom loves to play with Dillon because he never tires of running to get the ball.

Here's the best part - Dillon shares his orange ball with me.  Check out this picture:

Dillon is such a good friend to share with me. 

My mom sometimes buys me these balls.  The label says that they are hard to destroy.  Let me tell you that I can chew through that ball in five minutes at the most, and those balls are pretty expensive.  Oh, well, that is probably why my mom doesn't buy them that often.

Like I always say, be a good friend and share your toys.  That way you have someone to play with, and you get to play with new and different toys.  Also, I NEVER share my food, and you shouldn't either because someone else might be allergic to your food, and then they could get sick.  Plus I LOVE my food too much to have to share it, but I do appreciate when my family shares their food with me.  Remember:  what comes around goes around - that means, if you're nice and share with someone, then that person will share with you.  It's a WIN-WIN situation.

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