Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Typical Day in the Life of Gabi the Dog

I have a very eventful day that follows a regular pattern.  This is how my usual day goes:

It's light out = get up, go for walk, eat dinner (every meal is dinner to me), wake up my Dad so he can give me my dessert, lay on floor.

My parents go to work = lay on couch, look out back sliding door window.

My mom comes home = go for a walk with my mom and Kristen (the neighbor next door), dinner, lay on couch while she corrects papers, move to kitchen floor while she cooks dinner.

My Dad comes home = bark a lot, jump all over him, make sure he gives me my second dessert of the day, mooch from him at dinner.

When my family is home = I'm the happiest dog in the whole world!

Besides my typical routine, my day includes many exciting events, like this:

TWO bunnies outside my back sliding door!

Wow, I couldn't ask for more than this.

But, wait, it gets better because my brother, Andrew, decides to eat his dinner in the TV room (some nights he gets home late from his job):

This is another one of my mooching techniques:  I keep my eyes on the food and hope with all my heart that I might get a tidbit or I might get to lick the plate clean - which is, after all, my specialty.  By the way, I am also an expert at mooching.

Like I always say, each day is the BEST day ever, especially if food, walks and bunnies are included - which is pretty much a guarantee in my life.  Live in the moment, and enjoy every experience - like me - I love my life and my family.  The only time is NOW so make the most of it, and remember, enjoy every morsel of food that you eat.

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