Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers' Day to All the Dads Out There!

Today is a special day indeed - Fathers' Day.  My grandfather arrived this morning, and he always brings Munchkins so I know to bark loud and clear when he gets here.  I can't wait until he sits down in the kitchen so he can start throwing Munchkins on the floor for me.  Of course, my Dad always gives me treats.

Here's a picture of me sitting between my grandfather and my Dad.  They even let me sit on a chair since this is such a special day.

Like I always say, appreciate the Dads in your life.  They're the ones who are more likely to give you treats and let you get what you want.  In other words, they are more likely to spoil you.  Of course, I get spoiled every day, but that's because I am one lucky dog who is lucky to have a Dad and two grandfathers.  I sure am ONE VERY LUCKY DOG, AND THEY SURE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE ME, TOO!  Make sure to wish your dad a Happy Fathers' Day today.

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