Saturday, March 22, 2014

Introducing my buddy, Blake the Dog!

I do love going to the Dog Park and catching up with my dog buddies.  Of course, Moe the Dog, was there - he is the luckiest dog - he goes EVERY day!  That's a whole lot more than I get to go so I have to make the most of the time I do get at the Dog Park.

Today I got to catch up with an old friend, Blake the Dog:

Now I have known Blake for many years, and we have A LOT of fun together because we jump on each other - although I don't actually jump on Blake because I might crush him since I'm so much bigger.  I just  lay over him, and he wriggles around and escapes.  My favorite thing is to lay on my back and let Blake jump on my chest - it's much safer for both of us and LOTS of fun for me.  

Most importantly, Blake and I trust each other and know that we would NEVER hurt each other.  We might play rough, but we know when to stop.  I would feel terrible if I ever hurt one of my good dog buddies.

Like I always say, have fun, but be careful at the same time.  You can never have enough fun as long as it's SAFE fun!

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