Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dog Park Days Mean Fun!

My Mom hasn't been taking me to the Dog Park lately.  That's because she knows that I'll be rolling around in the mud and poop, and I got a bath recently.  Today was my lucky day, she said, "Who would like to go to the park?" 

This is what I did:  I ran around in circles until I caught my tail.  I am one talented dog - I can actually catch my tail in my mouth.  My grandfather says that this is NOT normal for a dog.  Well, it certainly is for Gabi the Dog!

When I got to the park, I walked around in the trees and found a beautiful piece of poop.  I took this piece, laid it on the grass and rolled around on it.  I LOVE ROLLING AROUND IN POOP!  Of course, my Mom was not exactly delighted to she starting coming over to get me to stop.  She might have wanted to take away my poop, but don't worry, I ate it.  So, there, no more worries for my Mom - or at least, I would think so.

Then she kept rubbing snow all over me and telling me, "You're disgusting.  Why do I have a dog who rolls in poop and then eats it?"  She should be happy that I have a healthy appetite and a great stomach.  I don't even get sick after I eat poop, whereas other dogs probably do. 

After the poop episode, I chased around some male dogs:

The dog in the front is Hunter, and he's being chased by Cody.  Make sure to notice that I'm the only GIRL dog at the park (this is often the case).  Luckily, I am able to take care of myself, and I can keep up with any dog - I'm just as fast and athletic as any boy dog.  Also, if I'm running with my dog buddies, my Mom can't annoyingly rub snow all over me.

Like I always say, when an opportunity knocks on your door, take advantage of the situation.  I'm always on the lookout for new adventures and new taste treats.  Plus, I love having fun!  Make sure to have some fun today, too by getting outside and running with your friends.  There's nothing like breathing in fresh air!

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