Saturday, May 25, 2013

I love eating more than anything in the world!

Let's face it - eating is fun; eating is the best; I love to eat A LOT!!!!  That's why I always want my family to share their food with me.

This is the procedure that I use:

1.  I put my head on the chair next to where they're sitting so that they know I'm watching them eat.

2.  If that doesn't work, then I sit up tall and straight to show what a good dog I am.  By the way, I also have excellent posture so I always sit up tall and straight, like this:

3.  If that doesn't work, I need to resort to extreme measures.  I know I can count on my dad to give me some of his food - I kind of have him wrapped around my paw (but, don't tell him that I know this).  I sit next to his chair and look at him with sad eyes.  Yes, it works every time; I always get some sort of tidbit.  Right now I actually just gobbled up the crust of his chicken salad sandwich, and now I'm licking the crumbs off his plate. 

4.  I always show my appreciation by giving a generous person a nice BIG slobber.  This is also my special way of saying "thank you."

Like I always say:

Families should eat as many meals together as possible to share their news and to share their food.  Dogs are an important part of the family, and as such, should get to share in the meal.  I want to be an active and important part of the family, especially when they're eating.  Remember:  enjoy every bite of food.  A good appetite is a sign of good health.  Bon(e) appetit!  (that's French, for enjoy your food EVERY TIME YOU EAT).

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