Sunday, May 19, 2013

My brother, Derek, graduated from Stonehill College today!

I am one proud dog today!  Here's Derek in his graduation cap, and he wanted to take a picture with me - his favorite dog.
Derek worked hard in college and majored in Political Science and International Studies.  Even though I don't really understand any of this, it's clear to me that this was one of his dreams.

Which brings me back to a very important point:

Like I always say, never give up on your dreams.  You need to work hard, but the hard work is all worth it in the end.  Even though dogs only go to Obedience School, that's hard work, too, because it's VERY IMPORTANT to learn to behave well and have good manners because then you'll succeed in getting along with other people and other dogs.  I know that I want EVERYONE to love me, as they should, because I'm doing my best to be well-behaved.  Most importantly, I want them to see the best in me because you never know if that person might reward my good behavior with a treat - which is the best reward of all.  Even though a college diploma is more impressive, a treat is much tastier!

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