Friday, May 10, 2013

Bunnies are the bane of my existence.

OK - I love bunnies!  I want to chase bunnies all the time!  Right outside my back sliding door - there are bunnies.  They are sometimes 1 - 2 feet away from me.  All that is separating me from the bunnies is a glass door.  I bark.  I jump.  I stand against the door.  And, guess what?  The bunnies just keep on nibbling grass, and they ignore me.   I'm big and scary looking, and they could care less.  What's the problem here?  Either bunnies are not the brightest bulbs on the planet - since they don't bolt upon seeing my impressive stance or hearing my loud bark.   Or, could it be that  bunnies are among the more intelligent animals?  Maybe they know that I am behind the window and cannot get them.  Can they really be that smart?  I honestly doubt that.

Like I always say:  Never give up on your dream.  Try your best every time.  I'm going to get excited every single time I see a bunny - even if I can never catch them - it's still worth the effort - every day, every time they wander by my window.  And, if you don't believe me, ask my family.  They'll tell you how high I jump and how loudly I bark every single time.  Seeing a bunny is never boring.  Every time I see a bunny, it's like seeing a bunny for the first time.  Try it tomorrow - make believe you're experiencing something for the first time, and you'll see what I mean.  There is something exciting to celebrate every day - like bunnies!

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