Friday, July 25, 2014

Meet Russell, the Puppy

I have a new friend and neighbor:  Russell, the Puppy.  Russell, the Puppy, loves to come visit me in my front yard where I am usually sitting.  I'm sitting and waiting for excitement, and Russell is sure full of energy.  Plus, he's always excited to come see me.  First, we chase each other:

Even for an older dog, I can still wrestle with the best of them.  Of course, when push comes to shove, I can always put Russell, the Puppy, in his place:

 Don't worry!  Russell, the Puppy, was fine; I would never hurt him.  I just wanted him to know who was the BOSS!  After all, I'm older and bigger.  Before I know it, Russell will be a REAL dog, and he might be bigger and stronger than me.  I have to take advantage of my strengths - while I have them.

After all our playing, Russell and I rested together:

Doesn't Russell look cute learning against me?

Like I always say, be open to having friends of all ages.  You can teach younger kids important lessons - just make sure to teach them in the right way - by being kind and respectful.  If you're older, you need to set a good example.  Even if you play a little rough, just make sure you're friends afterwards.  It's always fun to make and meet new friends.

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