Thursday, July 17, 2014

Afternoon Walks with my Mom and Kristen!

Every afternoon I go for a walk with my Mom and our friend, Kristen.  I LOVE when Kristen comes to my house because I know it means that I'm going for a walk!

Today Kristen came over, like every other day, except my Mom said, "Kristen, I have the same shirt as you!"  This is what I was thinking:

"So what!  It's time for my walk already!"

Then my Mom had to put on her shirt that was just like Kristen's shirt.  Finally, we started our walk, but things went downhill because my Mom wanted a picture.  UGH, you know how I feel about that:

Did you figure out how I felt?  I hope you guessed BORED because that's why I'm yawning.   Plus, I don't think Kristen was too happy about the picture either.  Oh, well, at least my Mom is happy.

Like I always say, if you're going for a walk, walk!  There's no need to stop and take pictures, especially since walking is such good exercise, when you're on a diet, like me.  Also, when you yawn, you should cover your mouth with your hand.  Since I only have paws, that's impossible for me so excuse me for yawning.

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