Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good News and Bad News at the Vet

Well, my Mom took me to the vet to have my ear checked - thanks to Janet, the Groomer.  I get very nervous when I go to the vet.  All I want to do is get out as fast as possible so I sit at the door and hope that I can go home:

Then the nice nurse, Amanda, came in to weigh me.  She tried so hard to make me happy:

You know me, I LOVE attention.  After Amanda, the nurse, weighed me, my Mom had to embarrass me by asking if I peed on the floor again like I did the last time.  I DIDN'T THIS TIME!  Why does my Mom have to ask these questions?   UGH, I don't like when she asks embarrassing questions.

After that, Dr. Pelletier came in to check my ears:

Here's the good news:  I didn't have an ear infection!

Here's the bad news:  I gained 6 pounds in 6 months.  Now I have to be on a diet.  This is totally NOT fair.  I LOVE TO EAT A LOT!  My Dad, who gives me most of my treats, says that it's not his fault.  Well, it's not my fault that he always gives me some of his food when I mooch.  I'm only taking advantage of his good nature - I LOVE when he shares his food with me.  That's why I always mooch from him.

Like I always say, life has its ups and downs.  Make sure to eat the right amount of food so you don't have to be on a diet like me.  I hope I can lose this weight fast so I can start having MORE treats - I do love and need my treats.  Of course, I'll still be mooching off my Dad.  It doesn't hurt to try any way.

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