Saturday, February 22, 2014

I love having visitors! Plus, I am a polite dog!

The other day was SO EXCITING! 

First, my grandfather came to visit, and he ALWAYS brings those munchkins that I absolutely LOVE.  Of course, before he'll give me the munchkins, I have to show some RESPECT by sitting up tall and straight, wagging my tail and holding up my paw - ALL AT THE SAME TIME, TOO!  It's a good thing that I'm quite coordinated when it comes to mooching:

After I get to eat my munchkins, I make sure to say THANK YOU in my own special way - since I can't talk with words like you:

See what good friends we are!  I sure am lucky to have a grandfather who LOVES to throw those munchkins around the house as much as I LOVE to retrieve them.

As if having munchkins wasn't enough, Lulu, the puppy came over with my Aunt and cousins.  Lulu is still a small dog, but she is very cute and curious.  She loves checking out my house, and she even checks me out, too:

Lulu, the puppy, likes to get up close and personal, probably because I must seem like a GIANT to her.  She wanted to see my "good as a two year old dog" teeth which are inside my GIANT mouth.  She sure does seem interested in me.  Of course, you know how much I LOVE attention so I won't be complaining.

Like I always say, show respect to your grandparents, especially if they're bringing you treats.  Make sure to say please and thank you, especially since you are lucky enough to speak with words.  Also, show respect to others who are younger and smaller than you.  Just think, you used to be young and little, too, and you probably were curious about the BIG kids.  All in all, it's easier to be respectful to EVERYONE.

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