Monday, February 10, 2014

How to mooch (ask) effectively

How you ask for something is very important.  Depending on who you're asking affects how you ask.

For example, my Dad gives me whatever I want.  I put my paws on the table and look at him, I get food.  I whimper or whine, I get food.  He pretty much does what I ask, and that makes my life so much easier.

Now, my Mom, she's a different story.  I have to use a different technique to get something from her.  While she's eating, I quietly rest my head on her lap so when she looks down, this is what she sees:

Look at how cute I am, and look at those big, beautiful eyes just wishing for some of her food.  How could she resist?  I don't make any noise, I just stare at her.  The amazing part is that she gets the message, and I get to lick her plate - after she puts it on the floor.

My Dad, on the other hand, holds the plate while I lick it.  He thinks it's easier for me when he holds the plate up to my face.  Here's a secret:  I could care less; just let me lick the plate already!

Like I always say, ask politely and appropriately when you want something.  If you do everything right - like me - you'll get what you want, plain and simple.  You can't go wrong when you follow my excellent advice, especially when it comes to mooching because I am THE EXPERT!

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