Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life is back to normal.

Alas, today I had a very usual day.  I went for my walk in Breakheart.  I went to the dog park.  I ate my dinner.  I laid out on the front lawn.  I laid out in the backyard.  The highlight of my day was going on the trampoline with my brother, Andrew, and his two friends.  Finally, I ate my second dinner.  Now I'm laying on the floor.

Where's the excitement?  Where's my miracle?  What can I tell you that's exciting?

Well, here's the truth.  Life is what you make it.  That's right, I can choose to be bored and complain OR I can choose to be happy and appreciate the great life that I have.  I have made a decision - I am going to be happy and thankful for my life. 

Check out this picture.

As you can see, this dog is not letting anything stand in his way - he's jumping right over and moving on.  He's taking action - he's moving ahead.

Like I always say, no one wants to listen to you mope around and complain about how hard your life is.  You have a choice, and I hope you'll make the same choice as me:


Do your work and move on - it might be easier than you think, if you just do what you need to do without thinking and complaining so much about it.

Please let me know what you decide so we can be happy together and celebrate our good attitudes!

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