Saturday, September 28, 2013

Guess what? Now it's a MIRACLE weekend!

Last week was Miracle Week on my blog.  I never knew this many miracles could happen to me. 

For example, this morning - when it got light out - my Mom and I went for our usual walk.  When we turned the corner, we saw our friend, Ken, who called me over.  Just a reminder, I LOVE Ken because he once gave me a steak to eat!  That is the one and only time I had my very own steak, and I've been very thankful to Ken ever since. 

Of course, I ran right toward Ken and took a quick turn to the side door.  After all, the food is INSIDE the house - I do have my priorities:  FOOD FIRST, SLOBBERY LICKS SECOND (to say thank you, of course).

Check out my very delicious first meal of the day:

This is the best meal I've had in a very long time!  It's been quite a while since I got my first very own steak, after all.
Then, when it got dark out, my brother, Andrew decided to have some candy in an orange wrapper.  Well, he accidentally dropped the candy, and I gobbled it right up - paper and all. 
Like I always say, take advantage of every tasty miracle that comes your way.  You never know when delicious food is going to fall into your lap so gobble it up right away before someone else beats you to it.  As you know, I NEVER share my food, especially when it's absolutely delicious.  Yum, I still remember how much I LOVED those meatballs.  I have to admit that food miracles are definitely the tastiest miracles, that's for sure!

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