Sunday, September 22, 2013

Miracles do happen!

Let's begin with a review:

I have an Aunt who does NOT like dogs at all - that includes me - even though I never did anything.  She just said:  "I hate ALL dogs." 

Well, it's a good thing that I never gave up trying to make her like me because she bought me a special dog collar in Hawaii.  That's right - last summer, she and her family went to some big island in Hawaii - wherever that is.  Since there were hardly any stores, she only bought two gifts - a cap for my grandfather and a pink, flowery collar FOR ME!

Check out this very fancy collar:

Well, I am speechless to say the least because this is a MAJOR miracle - she has finally seen the light - dogs are OK after all.

Like I always say, never give up hope.  I was hoping my Aunt might decide to consider liking me, and what do you know?  She bought ME - a dog - a fancy collar.  I feel so honored and special.  Miracles really do happen - just make sure to stop and appreciate the miracle when it does happen, and let the light shine down on you - just like in the above picture.  Getting a fancy collar just made my day!  I LOVE MIRACLES!

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