Thursday, September 12, 2013


It has happened again - I got sent to Janet, the Groomer.  This time, I got RED bows on my head instead of on my ears because Janet, the Groomer, figured that I would have a harder time taking them out.  Plus the RED bows matched my collar.  Never fear - I got the bows out, but it did take a little longer than it normally does.

Not only did I get RED bows, I am clean and spiffy.  Why do I - a dog - have to be clean?  I LOVE to be dirty; not only that, I LOVE to smell like I've been rolling in dirt.  Dirt makes me smell delightful.  Have you ever smelled dirt?  If not, try it out.  Plus, you should take a good look at dirt - IT'S THE BEST!

Look at this picture.  How happy and excited do I look to have RED bows on my head?  Exactly, that's why I should NEVER get bows or a bath ever again. 

Like I always say, dirt can't hurt you.  Dirt is part of the Earth, and we should enjoy any dirt we find.  Let's face it - dirt is very useful in so many ways.  Plants need dirt.  Animals make their homes under the dirt.  Dogs absolutely NEED dirt to roll in so we smell delightful, just like the Earth.  Smelling like the Earth is a much healthier smell than the smell of soap - if you're a dog, that is.

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