Monday, January 20, 2014

I have a dream, too!

I've talked about this in my blog, but I want to revisit it today because it's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

As you can tell, I'm a BIG, black dog:

Now, my cousin, Lulu the Dog, weighs about 11 pounds while I'm at least 75 pounds.

Any way, let me get back to the BIG, black dog issue.  Actually, this applies to black cats as well.  In pet shelters, black dogs and cats are the LAST pets to get adopted.  The color of the pet is a BIG deciding factor when it comes to adopting a pet.

I remember when my family came to check me out at the animal hospital.  The lady who brought me in said to me, "OK, this is your BIG chance so don't mess it up."

I must have done something right that day because my family decided to adopt me, and the rest is history.

Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used to say, "I have a dream that one day" all black dogs and cats will be as readily adopted as all other dogs and cats.  Wouldn't it be amazing if people were able to look beyond the color of an animal's fur and see the goodness that lies within?

Show kindness to everyone today and every day, especially to a BIG, black dog like me.

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