Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bath and Bows Again

Oh, well, it happened again.  Paula came to my house so she could bring me to Janet the Groomer.  Of course, I complained so much that Janet didn't trim my toe nails - at least, someone listens to me.  My Mom still doesn't listen though - as soon as I got home, she took a picture of me all dolled up with the bows:

All I'm thinking in this picture is:  What's the BIG deal already?  I get bows enough that it's not that special any more.

Like I always say, if something is bothering you, say what it is and move on.  You know that I don't like bows, but I'm going to get bows whether I like it or not.  Some times, it's just easier to go along with the situation, especially if you can't change it.  

OK, now I feel better.  Plus I got rid of the bows - that's always a HUGE weight off my head.

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