Thursday, April 17, 2014

Some New Friends and Getting Teased at the Dog Park

Well, it's about time - I have a new friend at the dog park, and she's a girl dog!

Her name is Sydney, and she's a very nice dog.  We have a lot in common as you can see in the picture.  We even like to look at the same things.

Also, check out another new friend, Walley the Dog!  He's just like me - we like to put everything in our mouths!

Or, maybe he's just sniffing that toy - I can't tell.  I can tell that Walley, the Dog, is a strong and handsome dog - just like me!  See, I have something in common with him, too!

Now here's my friend, Hunter the Dog who likes to tease me:

My Mom bought me a nice new ball - even though I don't really like to play with these balls - unless they belong to someone else.  Well, Hunter must feel the same way.  He took my ball and wouldn't give it back to me.  I would try to grab it, and he would grab it away every single time.  It was fun for a while, but then I got bored.  That's when Hunter decided he didn't want the ball after all, and neither did I.  

Like I always say, if someone's annoying you, make believe you don't care.  That way the annoying dog or person will get bored and leave you alone.  Also, make new friends whenever you can.  It's always very exciting and fun for me to meet new dog buddies - even if they're annoying.  Teasing isn't really fun so I wouldn't recommend it.  It's much easier to play nicely and get along.  Plus if someone's bothering me, I just wander off and do something else.  That's much easier than getting upset.  I would much rather be happy by myself.

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