Thursday, April 10, 2014

I had an amazing day!

 When my Mom, Dad and brother, Derek leave for the day, I'm left all alone in the house.  When this happens, I patrol the house to make sure that there nothing on the floor to eat - remember the jelly donuts I found in Derek's room?  I'm so hopeful that I might find another special treat that I check the whole house - just in case.

Well, last week, I hit the jackpot!  Instead of finding a treat, I found my brother, Andrew, asleep in his bed, and it was light out so I woke him right up.  Later, I heard him tell my Mom that I woke him up early at 9 o'clock - whatever that means.  Any way, if it's light out, it's time to wake up and enjoy the day.

My lucky day continued with a walk around the lake.  I even got to go IN the lake:

How AMAZING is this!  I walked in the lake.  My Mom NEVER lets me do this.

Then Andrew got lunch at Fred's Franks.  I was wondering why they didn't have any treats for me.  I'll even eat food that falls on the ground since I don't care if my food is dirty.  Actually, dirt makes food taste even better.

Like I always say, check out EVERYTHING EVERY SINGLE DAY.  You never know when an adventure is waiting for you right under your nose (that's a snout, if you're a dog).  If you do have an adventure, enjoy every single minute because your life is NOW!  Make every moment count!

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