Sunday, December 8, 2013

Not again - my treats have disappeared!

Oh dear, I am a little sad these days.  My Dad has gone away to Florida, and now I'm not getting any treats.  Here's an example of how I look when I'm waiting for him to come home:

When I get outside, I like to sit on my front steps and check out the neighborhood.  First, I see if Midnight the Cat is outside in her bushes.  Then, I look for any bunnies or squirrels.  Next, I make sure there's no dogs walking by.  After that, I sit and wait.  These days I'm waiting for my Dad to come home so I can start getting treats again.

By the way, see that blue car?  That used to be my Mom's car.  I used to get to ride along in that car, too.  Now we're driving around in the little car.

Like I always say, get outside and check out the neighborhood.  There's always something going on - even if you have to wait a little while.  The scenery is always changing so it's much more interesting than sitting on the couch watching TV.  Also, if you drive by and see me, remember I'll be waiting for my Dad to come home.  I really need a treat - this is a desperate situation indeed.

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  1. psstt its your fellow canine Walley here I'll see if i can hook YOU UP with a treat in my person's backpack tomorrow