Saturday, December 28, 2013

My cousin, Lulu, came to visit!

I had an amazing and exciting day yesterday!

My Mom is trying a new idea.  She opens the front door, I run to the front yard, I go to the bathroom, I run back in the house, I get a cookie.  I LOVE this idea because I get a cookie for going to the bathroom.  That's easy enough.

Yesterday, she opened the door, and within seconds, my Aunt pulled into the driveway.  Then, my grandfather pulled into the driveway, too.  I was jumping up and down on their cars because I was jumping with joy.  I know that when my grandfather comes, I'll be getting plenty of munchkins - he always makes sure to give me A LOT.

Of course, Lulu, the puppy, is not allowed to get munchkins.  My Aunt says munchkins make a dog sick.  Hmmm...I never get sick of munchkins.

Any way, here's me checking out Lulu:

 If you ask me, Lulu kind of reminds me of a cat because she's small like a cat.  She also wears clothes.  On top of that, she's always getting picked up.  That's not possible with a dog like me - I'm way too big to get picked up.

Lulu decided to focus on one of my Christmas gifts.  My brother, Andrew, gave me a Moo Tube, which is a cow trachea (part of the cow's throat).  I mean, it's a fine gift and all, but I'd rather have real food like munchkins.  Since Lulu can't have real treats, she was quite delighted with my Moo Tube.  She even brought it home with her.
As you can tell, I'm happy to share my Moo Tube and couch space since I'm an easy going and definitely not jealous dog.

Like I always say, share those treats, especially if you share them with me.  Also, you won't see me wearing one of those sweaters or getting picked up and carried around.  I just want to be liked for who I am - just like I like Lulu for who she is.  I'm a perfect dog just the way I am.

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