Sunday, December 29, 2013

Good news/not so good news....

Today started out promising.  I was supposed to get a bath, but Paula couldn't take me.  What a relief!  I wouldn't have to wear bows after all.

Then my Mom bought me a shirt.  You know me - I DO NOT LIKE TO WEAR ANYTHING!  Now I've been wearing this all day:

Of course, everyone has been giving me so much attention which I actually like, but why do I have to wear a shirt? 

Like I always say, REAL DOGS DO NOT WEAR CLOTHES!  Clothes are for people, not dogs.  The things that I have to do to make my family happy can be quite annoying.  When is my family going to leave me alone?  At least I can go outside and recover from my newest humiliation.  I can't wait to get this shirt off.  Hopefully, my luck will be better tomorrow.

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