Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I had the BEST treat!

I got left home ALONE yesterday.  Well, when I'm ALONE, I need to find something to do.  Here are some of my favorite activities to do when I'm ALONE.

1.  Look out the back sliding door for bunnies.

2.  Sniff around the house to see if there are any good smells, like food.

Well, yesterday, I hit the jackpot!  I sniffed my way around the house and into my brother, Derek's room, and I found a bag.  Not just any old bag, it was a bag FULL OF AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS JELLY DONUTS!  Hey, it's not my fault he left this bag inside another bag on his floor.  I mean, my snout is on the floor all the time.  That's just the way dogs are made.

Here's the bag:

I must admit that I was very neat and very thorough.  I didn't leave any crumbs, and the bag is still in one piece.

More importantly, Derek got those donuts for my Mom - who LOVES jelly donuts.  Now she won't have to eat them because I beat her to it.  After all, I'm just helping her stay on her diet.  Actually, she should be thanking me for saving her from all these calories.

Like I always say, be on the lookout for opportunities, especially if they involve getting to eat delicious treats or getting to see amazing sights like a deer or a chicken.  Remember, if you don't look in the first place, you'll never find out what you're missing. 

Happy New Year!

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