Monday, October 7, 2013

My Sunday Walks

On Sunday, I went for TWO walks.  I went on my usual morning walk in Breakheart where I love to walk in the forest. 

Then my Mom took me for a very long walk around Horn Pond in Woburn.  When we first got there, I saw a horse.  I wanted to go check him out, but I just got pulled along with all these other people and dogs.  It was very crowded.  While we were walking, I saw the horse again - up close and personal.  When I saw how ENORMOUS he was, I pulled as fast and hard as I could.  Horses are huge - he makes me look small.  Yikes, it was scary!

The best part of the walk was meeting two clowns.  One of the clowns is named Spatz - he used to be in my Mom's class last year.  Does he look familiar to you?

In the background, do you see those red pants?  Those belong to Jimbo - another clown!

Look at Jimbo's shoes - they're so big and colorful.  He walked around the whole pond wearing those shoes.  I wonder if his feet hurt.

I know that I was quite tired after this walk - that's why I could only write a little yesterday.  Today I rested on the couch while everyone was at work.  Some times it's really nice to have the house to myself, especially when I need to rest and recuperate from all these walks.

Like I always say, walking is great exercise.  Plus you get to see and smell the sites.  If you walk too much, take it easy the next time so your body can get a rest.  I LOVED meeting two clowns - I think they liked me, too.  Clowns and dogs have a lot in common - we LOVE to make people happy.  Also, we love to smile.  I hope I made you happy today when you read my blog.  Have a happy day!

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