Friday, August 9, 2013

Treats are terrific and tasty!

As you might already know, I LOVE TO EAT, AND I ESPECIALLY LOVE TO EAT TREATS!  Now most people expect me to sit before they give me a treat.  There is always an exception to every rule, and the exception is my Dad - HE'S EVEN MORE EXCITED ABOUT GIVING ME TREATS THAN I AM ABOUT EATING THE TREAT!  When my Mom buys treats for me, she tells my Dad, "I bought some treats for you."  That's because he loves and enjoys the treats as much as me.  Now that is really TRUE LOVE.

Back to I was saying, before someone gives you a treat, they expect you to sit.  Here's an example:

For example, in the above picture, Casey's Mom, Lisa (those are even her feet in the picture - if you were wondering), is offering us a treat.  Look at how OBEDIENT AND WELL-BEHAVED we are!  We want to get our treat ASAP (that's an abbreviation for as soon as possible).

In addition, I also add in an extra special movement:  I lift up one of my front legs.  Why?  People usually say, "Oh, look at how cute!" or "Oh, she's saying please!" or "I love when she does that."  Being as smart as I am, I have figured out that I get MORE TREATS when I lift up my front leg.  Wow, how amazing and lucky is that!

Like I always say, if you want to earn a reward like a treat, be extra polite, respectful and well-behaved.  People notice these things - remember how I lift my front leg - IT REALLY WORKS!  Not only do I get a treat, I get COMPLIMENTS!  Compliments make me feel proud and good about myself.  I REALLY LOVE THAT PROUD FEELING, and I want you to feel it, too.  So remember - say please and see if you can earn some compliments today!

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  1. I would recognize those feet anywhere !!! Yes, those are two well behaved dogs .. waiting for their treats. They deserve a snack every now and then for all the joy they bring to our lives !
    Casey just loves going to see his friends at the Krevats .. his second home. They are so good to him , always making him feel so welcome.