Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fabulous Fun At The Dog Park!

One of the BEST parts of going to the dog park is greeting your friends.  Here's a picture of me saying hello to my friend, Lucy:

Lucy is a regular at the park on Sunday mornings which is when I usually go. 

Here's something important to know about dogs and our tails:

1.  When a dog's tail is up straight - please see picture above of my tail - that means a dog is feeling confident and secure (sure of herself).  For example, I'm VERY SURE that Lucy is happy to see me, too.

2.  When a dog's tail is straight out in the back, that means a dog is feeling OK - neither happy nor sad.

3.  When a dog's tail is between its legs, that means a dog is worried, scared or nervous.  If your dog's tail is between her legs:

A.  She's made a mistake and feels very guilty.  (Remember:  before you think about getting angry at your dog, remember how your dog ALWAYS forgives you!)


B.  She probably needs a little TLC (tender loving care).  Of course, dogs ALWAYS LOVE TLC so please don't wait until our tails are between our legs - WE LOVE ATTENTION!

Back to the dog always, Dillon was very generous and shared his ball with ME AND LUCY!

Again, notice how Lucy's tail is up in the air, and she is totally focused on the ball.  Me, I'm taking a breather.

Since I don't want to leave Dillon out, here he is - he's also taking a breather - just like me!

Like I always say, if you need a rest, TAKE A REST!  Some times you just need to catch your breath and regroup.  Also, make sure to keep an eye on your dog's tail - see if you can tell how she is feeling.  Make sure to greet your friends when you see them, and make sure to take turns doing what each of you wants to do.  It's BORING if the same person gets to control what everyone else is doing - YOU NEED TO TAKE TURNS!  Remember:  every day can be a walk in the park - you just need to make good choices - like us dogs!


  1. Enjoyed your lessons about the " tails" !! As you know, Casey loves going to the dog park with Gabi. He is very social ... and he is an old boy now .. so it takes a few days to recover !!!
    Look forward to our next adventure ..... see you around the neighborhood !

  2. Casey...what a fine chap! It would be hard to write about his tail. Please remind Stephen that Scout is supposed to be a guest blogger, too!