Monday, February 20, 2017

National Love Your (Favorite Blogging) Pet Day!

Well, it's about time that I got some love and appreciation around here ~ after all it's National Love Your Pet Day!  Check out what's new and exciting in my life these days:

The bunnies are coming back!  For some reason, the bunnies have disappeared, but now they're coming back, and as always, I'm on the case!  I make sure to let my whole family know when they are right outside the door by barking A LOT no matter what time of day it is:

The bunnies must LOVE my barking because they don't move which makes me bark and jump even more.  That's ok with me because I LOVE bunnies!

Also, I have my visitors well-trained.  Every time they stop by to visit, they give me treats:

This is Trooper the Doberman and his Mom.  Poor Trooper ~ he has to wear a coat.  His Mom says he has at least 10 coats!  Poor guy!  Well, at least his Mom carries around treats, and I lift up my paw which works every time!  I definitely know how to get a treat!

Like I always say, be on the lookout for exciting events!  Look at your windows or hang out in your yard!  There's always something happening which gives me plenty to love about my life ~ especially on National Love Your Pet Day!  Make sure to love your pet today and every day ~ we can never have enough love!


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  3. Love it becuase it is so cool that gabbi has her own life book 😎😁

  4. Hi,this is Gabrielle.My mom said I could comment. I wonder If Gabi will ever catch any rabbits?

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