Monday, February 13, 2017

Dog Park Days ~ at the New Dog Park!

I haven't been to the dog park in forever.  Just in case you forgot, I used to roll around in poop and eat poop at the old dog park.  That's when my Mom decided that I was too disgusting and refused to bring me to the dog park ~ which was too bad because I really do LOVE poop...

Fast forward to last weekend...I got to go to a new dog park.  There was only one problem ~ my Mom stuffed me into that shirt:

No wonder those other dogs were more interested in sniffing the ground that playing with me ~ who wants to hang out with a dog who wears clothes?  How embarrassing!

Like I always say ~ and I've said this before ~ your Mom knows just how to embarrass you.  She just can't seem to help herself.  Of course, she only does these things because she loves you so much and wants to keep you safe.  I just wish my Mom would stop making me wear clothes!  She doesn't really listen to me, but I'll keep trying.  I just hope that I can wear just my fur coat from now on!


  1. LOVE your dog blog! I've read several of the posts and you had me laughing out loud!!! I'm adding this blog to my list of blogs to follow.

    Years ago we had a Beagle who (forgive me) was driving me crazy! So I brought home a rescue dog so they could be friends (a Basset Hound). That year the Beagle authored our annual Christmas newsletter. People were well into the 3rd paragraph before they realized they were reading the writing of a dog!! So this blog is something I can relate to. Keep up the good work!

    1. Dear Barbara,

      I do have a ruff life! Thank you for reading my blog and following along with my adventures! Love, Gabi the Dog

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