Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Fun With Russell, the Puppy!

Russell, the Puppy, is my new best friend!  He loves to come play at my house.  We even have a routine.  First, we wrestle:

We love to roll around in the grass.  We even snack on this grass when we need a break:

All that playing makes us thirsty so we get some water.  Russell, the Puppy, drinks A LOT of water.  He's a very thirsty dog.  I always wait until he's done drinking to get my drink.  One time, Russell, the Puppy, tried to drink water from the bowl at the same time as me.  This is not acceptable or respectful so I had to correct Russell, the Puppy.  I chased him away from the water bowl and barked at him.  He needs to learn to wait for his turn.

Finally, we take a rest together:

Like I always say, wait to take turns when you need a drink of water.  Make sure to be respectful to your friends.  If your friend tells you that you made a mistake, think about what happened and see if you can learn from your mistake.  I don't think that Russell, the Puppy, will cut in line to get water again.  You wouldn't try to drink water at the same time as your friend.  That's because you're smart and respectful - just like me!  Keep up the good work by reading my blog because that makes me happy.  See you soon!

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  1. Hi Gabi! You look adorable, as always. I've just recently found about your adventures and I'm having so much fun while back reading all of them. It looks like you're having tons of fun playing with your equally cute friend, Russel the puppy. I guess you taught him a valuable lesson about respect, which is good. I hope you and him are getting along well and are in the best of health!

    Randal Barber @ Poggi's Animal House