Saturday, August 9, 2014

Check out this bench!

My Mom and Dad took me for an adventure in the car to visit my sister, Bethany.  Bethany lives in Boston.  I was so excited about this adventure because I got to go in the car and feel the wind in my face.  Then I got to go on a walk in a new place with lots of new smells and dogs.  Everything was very fun and exciting until... 

Here's an example of how a perfectly fun time can change in a flash.

We came to a bench that was different than any other bench I've ever seen.  After talking it over, everyone seemed to think it was a dog bench.  Then my family decided that I needed to sit on it.  Check me out on the dog bench:

Let me make this clear:  this is not a dog bench.  Why would my family think this?  If you ask me, this is a weird bench.  I only went on it because my family made me.  You can't even sit on this bench.  If I could have, I would have run in the other direction and sat on a regular bench.  See the bench in the back of the picture?  Now, that's a people and a dog bench.  Of course, I would much rather sit on my couch than a bench.  At least, my couch has cushions on it so it's comfortable.

Like I always say, some things just don't make any sense - see the bench I'm standing on.  Just because it doesn't make sense, doesn't make it a dog bench.  What does a dog bench look like any way? 

p.s. I got off that dog bench as soon as possible.  Also, if you can explain what this bench really is, please let my Mom know so she doesn't make me sit on it again.

Thanks for your help!

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