Monday, June 9, 2014

Now I have a Red Sox shirt!

As you might remember, I DO NOT LIKE TO WEAR ANYTHING!  I already wear a fur coat ALL THE TIME!  I don't need clothes.  Well, guess what?  It was my Dad's birthday, and look what he got for a present - a Red Sox shirt for me!  The worst part was:  it was a present from my Mom.  Now she should know better than this!

Why would my Dad's birthday present be a shirt for me?  I don't understand.  Plus, my family kept taking pictures of me like I'm someone famous or something.  UGH - HOW ANNOYING!

Like I always say, just put up with all the annoyances, and don't let anyone know you're annoyed.  Do I look annoyed?  I hope not, but I can tell you, I AM REALLY ANNOYED!  It's hard to get these shirts on, and it's EVEN harder to get them off.  Well, I just hope my Dad enjoyed his birthday present - plus, now Father's Day is coming up.  Help!  What are they going to do to me next?

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