Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sparty the Puppy Plays with Russell the Dog

This is the last story about Sparty the Puppy - for now!  A while ago, Sparty the Puppy lived with me.  Russell the Dog is my neighbor down the street, and he has A LOT of energy.  My Mom thought it would be THE BEST idea if Sparty the Puppy went to play with Russell in his backyard.  After all, a puppy would have A LOT of energy to keep up with Russell.  Here's what really happened:

Russell jumped all over me; ran after me; and followed me while Sparty the Puppy looked on.  Finally, Russell did play with Sparty the Puppy, but he got tired out right away.  Russell the Dog still has the energy of a puppy!  After a while, Sparty had to go lay down - he was so tired and overwhelmed - I don't blame him either - see above picture.

Here is Sparty recovering from playing with Russell:

Of course, I had to lay down, too - except I had company because Russell is such a loyal friend:

Like I always say, if things get a bit rough, go spend some time alone or walk away.  It's not a good idea to get overwhelmed.  Some times, you're better off by yourself.  That's why I always mind my own business - it's better to stay out of trouble.


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