Thursday, July 28, 2016

Defending my cousin, Sparty the Puppy!

You know how much I LOVE sitting out front in the yard.  I have regular visits from several dogs and people.  I make sure that they stop by and say hello.  If I'm super lucky, the person brings me a treat! 

Well, when Sparty the Puppy was sleeping over, Trooper the Doberman stopped by.  You might remember that Trooper needs to wear a coat in the winter - poor dog - he can't even roll around in the snow.  You know how I feel about dogs wearing clothes anyway - UGH!

When Trooper stopped by, we were having a fine visit until he decided to JUMP on my cousin, Sparty.  Well, that was it - I stepped right in and put an end to that:

I started HOWLING!  That put an end to that - I'm not going to let anyone hurt my cousin - after all, he's only a puppy!  It's my job to keep my family safe, and I'm ready to step in whenever I'm needed!  As you can see in the picture, Trooper the Doberman stopped RIGHT AWAY.  Dogs listen when Gabi the Dog howls - as they should!

Like I always say, if someone is hurting your family or your friend, speak up.  Sometimes you need to defend the dog who might get hurt.  I bet Sparty the Puppy was glad that I helped him.  No one wants to get hurt after all!